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Do you need to add programmable communication capabilities to your web app?

Adding programmable communication capabilities has never been easier or more cost effective thanks to Twilio. Schecter & Co. has extensive experience working with Twilio services and can help you with your app integrations. Whether your app needs video, voice, or messaging we can help bring your ideas to life using Twilio.

Programmable Video

Twilio - Programmable Video

Give your web apps the power to relay video media around firewalls for browser to browser video communications using WebRTC (Web Real-Time Communication)

Schecter and Co. - Programmable Twilio Video

Create rich multi-party video and HD audio experiences. Powered by global cloud infrastructure for peer-to-peer calls. The quickest and most efficient way to add browser to browser video calling capabilities to your existing web app is using the Twilio programmable video services. Video can impart context, which cannot be expressed in text or audio alone, such as showing a live video feed of the scene in front of the user. A data channel is setup alongside the media to share any form of data content. Users can push information in real-time, from sharing a photo to mouse coordinates of drawing over the video feed.

Programmable Voice

Twilio - Programmable Voice

Twilio provides programmatic access to the global carrier network and communications infrastructure hosted in 5 continents.

Schecter and Co. - Twilio Programmable Voice

Using the Twilio programmable voice service we can build you unique phone call experiences with one API to make, receive, control, and monitor calls around the globe. By using the Twilio programmable voice service you get advanced features such as masked numbers, call tracking, and click-to-call functionality. Design calling experiences between phones, apps, and VoIP systems in the programming language you know.


Twilio - SMS Messaging

Messaging is not just an API to exchange text and pictures. It is a powerful software platform to simplify your app development and solve deliverability.

Schecter and Co. - Twilio Messaging

Give your web apps the power to exchange messages of any variety, from chat to SMS. You get global reach, delivery intelligence and the highest reliability over both IP and carrier networks, all with minimal development effort. Twilio makes SMS simple, because you don’t have to write extra code to accommodate for the complexity of mobile carriers and global regulations. Powerful API primitives and the most extensive set of developer tools help you focus your time building the exact SMS workflow you want.

Interactive Voice Response (IVR)

Twilio - Callbot IVR

Help callers get to the information or agent they need with an amazing interactive voice response system (IVR).

Schecter and Co. - Twilio Callbot IVR

A well-designed interactive voice response system can give customers the quickest answers to their questions and route them where they want to go, whether they're calling about a store's hours of operations, an upcoming trip, a billing issue or technical support. And the perfect IVR doesn't have to bust your budget. With the Call Center callbot IVR you get all the capabilities of an on-premises system without the headaches and expense that comes from installing and maintaining complex telecommunications systems.


Twilio - SMS Chatbot

Help mobile customers get to the information or agent they need with a lifelike chatbot.

Schecter and Co. - Twilio Chatbot

A well configured chatbot can give mobile customers near instant responses to their most frequently asked questions. Whether they are texting about a store's hours of operations, their return policy, or if they offer free shipping. Not only that, you can enhance your customers overall shopping experience by allowing them to communicate with salespeople via SMS messaging.

EMA Caring Callbacks app

We integrated Twilio into the Caring Callbacks app. By integrating Twilio into the Caring Callbacks app we were able to solve all of their issues.

Emergency Medicine Associates

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Call Center Shopify App

Our Call Center Shopify app allows you to make and receive voice calls and SMS messages right from your Shopify shop admin using a Twilio number.

Schecter and Co. - Shopify Call Center App

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