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Emergency Medicine Associates
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Emergency Medicine Associates

Emergency Medicine Associates, P.A., P.C. (EMA) is a regional group of physicians and mid-level providers who practice at 21 hospitals in Maryland, Virginia, Washington, DC, and West Virginia.


EMA created the Caring Callbacks app to increase overall patient satisfaction by facilitating emergency medicine aftercare follow up calls from EMA physicians to their patients. Prior to our Twilio integration work, the EMA physicians would examine the patient information in the Caring Callbacks app. They would then use their personal cell phone to call the patient for the aftercare follow up call. This approach had three major issues.

  1. EMA were exposing their physician’s private phone numbers to their patients and could offer no phone number privacy.
  2. EMA lacked the capability to track and report call metadata on EMA physician’s aftercare follow up calls from within the Caring Callbacks app.
  3. EMA physicians had to manually type each patient's phone number for each aftercare follow up call.


To solve these problems for EMA we integrated Twilio into the Caring Callbacks app. By integrating Twilio into the Caring Callbacks app we were able to solve all of their issues.

Now when physicians make their emergency medicine aftercare follow up calls they simply click on a 'Call' button from within the Caring Callbacks app. The app then immediately calls the physician and once the physician answers it then calls the patient.

This means EMA can now offer all of their physicians phone number privacy when using their app. They also now have the capabilities to track and report call metadata information. This enables EMA to track the times, durations, and statuses of all emergency medicine aftercare calls made from their physicians to their patients from within in the Caring Callbacks app.

Emergency Medicine Associates

Additionally, this approach also eliminated the need for the physicians to dial each patient's phone number manually. Now instead, the physician can simply click 'Call' in the Caring Callbacks app. This saves the physicians a tremendous amount of time and effort in aggregate.

We needed Scott's help in designing a more powerful patient satisfaction tool for our practice, involving a new user interface and Twilio API. Scott had the knowledge, experience, and problem solving skills to help solve our challenges. In addition to being patient, flexible, and detail-oriented, he truly understood the mission of our project, and so was able to offer suggestions that we had not considered ourselves. He's a real pleasure to work with.

Alex Mohseni
Physician at Emergency Medicine Associates