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The Call Center Shopify App

  • Instantly Buy The Best Local Or Toll-free Phone Number
  • Protect Your Personal Phone Number Privacy All The Time
  • Our Powerful Proven Bots Save You Valuable Time

Call Center Shopify App
Call Center Shopify App
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A Powerful and Affordable Telephone System For Your Shop

Saves You Time And Earns You More Money

Customers are always calling and text messaging you. It's never ending. You know your business needs a telephone system. But choosing a business telephone system is a complicated and daunting task. What hardware will I need and wow look at that cost! The Call Center Shopify App makes this effortless. Install the app, buy your perfect local or toll-free phone number and you are all set. It features a responsive design. It will work on your mobile phone, tablet, or desktop computer. Take a look at all the features that come standard with the Call Center Shopify App.

Proven To Make Your Shopify Shop Look More Professional

Customers Spend More Money When They Trust Your Shop

The Call Center Shopify App will make your Shopify shop look more professional. Customers want to shop somewhere they can trust. Having a professional business telephone system instills confidence in your brand. When customers trust your brand they place greater value on it's offerings. This translates into more orders and increased revenue for your shop.

Call Center Shopify App - Dashboard

An Astoundingly Easy Communication System

Difficult and expensive telephone is a thing of the past

Purchasing a business telephone system is an agonizing process. Then you have to read the manual and try and setup the IVR system. And what about SMS messages? How are you going to handle those? The Call Center Shopify App handles this for you.

Chatbot answers for you

The Call Center Shopify App is built only for the Shopify platform. This means it is better integrated into the Shopify platform than other apps. For example, you can call a customer from the order details page of your shop. Call Center dials the customer's number for you! One click from the order detail page and you are speaking to the order's customer. This time saving feature is only available in the Call Center Shopify App.

Call Center Shopify App - Conversation View

Support your amazing customers worldwide for unbelievable rates

The Call Center Shopify App was designed from the ground up for international operations. You can communicate with your customers where ever they are in the world. The Call Center Shopify App gives you an easy phone number input control. This allows you to type phone numbers in the familiar national format of the number’s country.

Call Center – International Usage

Built from the ground up for international operations

As a result of this, phone numbers are convert to various international formats by the app. The Call Center Shopify App handles format conversion for you. So, this saves you time when contacting your customers.

Our Devoted Callbot Answers Your Phone When You Can't

It's crazy to think about the devastating amount of sales you're missing

A well-designed interactive voice response (IVR) system is invaluable. It gives customers the quickest answers to their questions and routes the call where they want to go. It could be about a store hours, an order question, or a billing issue just to name a few. And the perfect IVR can be affordable too! The Call Center Shopify App gives you all the capabilities of an on-premises system. Without the headaches and expense that comes from installing and maintaining complex telephone systems.

Call Center – Callbot

How it works

First of all, you enter your initial greeting message. The greeting message can be text or a URL to an audio file for all incoming voice callers. In your greeting message you will list your menu options for your customers to choose from. Then Callbot will listen for the callers selection and perform the action you specified.

Our Chatbot Will Amaze And Impress Your Valuable Customers

Increase your sales immediately with a lifelike Chatbot

Our SMS Chatbot can give customers near instant responses to their most asked questions. Whether they are texting about a stores hours, return policies, or shipping policies.

And creating the perfect SMS chatbot can be easy and inexpensive! With the Call Center Shopify App you get all the benefits of a proprietary chatbot. Without the aggravation and expense of hiring a costly software developer.

The SMS Chatbot is remarkably easy

Call Center – Chatbot

How it works

You enter phrases for our Chatbot to match and the replies you want sent when each phrase occurs. Our Chatbot will then watch all incoming SMS message bodies and check for each of your phrases. If the incoming SMS message body includes a chatbot phrase that your entered. Our Chatbot replies to the incoming SMS message for you with your response for that phrase. Otherwise, the SMS message goes to your receiving phone number as normal. You may have unlimited phrases for our Chatbot.

Below you can see an example of how you might configure your Chatbot from the Call Center Shopify App. You enter the phrases to match and the text to reply with. After that, your Chatbot takes care of the rest for you.

Call Center – Chatbot Admin

You Are In Complete Control Of Your Time With Shop Hours

Prevent obnoxious customers from calling when you're sleeping

Being able to control your shop's programmable communication schedule is essential. It empowers you to choose when your shop accepts voice calls and SMS messages. As well as set responses for each medium when your shop is closed. These shop hours remain in place until you disable the setting. You can also change your hours from within the app as needed. When your work day has ended let the Call Center Shopify App handle communications for you.

Call Center – Shop Hours

How it works

Configuring your shop's hours is quick and easy. Visit the app settings page and enable your shop hours. Then set your shop's opening and closing time. Choose an action to take when your shop receives a voice and you are closed. You can have the Call Center Shopify App say a message, play an audio file, or dial another number. You can also set the text message your shop should respond with when it receives a SMS message and you are closed. Your customers are waiting for answers to their sales questions. Let your customers know when you will respond to their inquiries. Let the Call Center Shopify App respond for you while you rest up for tomorrow.

Try The Amazing Live Demonstration

Try as Shop Admin

Go to our demonstration shop and log in with the credentials below to try the Call Center live demonstration. You will have almost the entire set of features at your fingertips so you can be sure Call Center is the right app for you.

Password: letmein

Try as Customer

Experience how our callbot and chatbot work from your customers perspective. Call or text the number below to get a small taste of how Call Center's callbot IVR and SMS chatbot can help your shop.

Call or text: 1-503-850-8832

By Schecter & Co.

Built and supported by a friendly team located in Portland, Oregon

The Call Center Shopify App is supported by a friendly team located in Portland, Oregon. We’re always looking for ways to improve Call Center and we would love to hear from you. The app comes with complete documentation. You can submit your feedback or questions from within the app. You can also email or call if you prefer. We respond within hours to inquiries made during our business hours. Our business hours are 9 AM - 6 PM Pacific Time Monday - Friday.