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Alvord Taylor
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Alvord-Taylor is a non-profit organization assisting people with intellectual and developmental disabilities to live quality lives in their local communities. Alvord-Taylor has been in operation since 1970 and is located in Eugene, Oregon. Alvord-Taylor serves over 80 people in the Eugene-Springfield area and focuses on person-centeredness: facilitating independence and building personal opportunity.


Alvord-Taylor has over 250 employees who provide 24/7/365 care to individuals in need in the community. Managing this large number of employees to ensure all shifts are covered at all times can be quite challenging. Prior to working with us Alvord-Taylor was using a combination of online office tools and add-ons to organize and manage this information. This was presenting several problems for them.

  1. Employee and departmental information was not shared throughout their system. This meant each time they created a new form that required employee or departmental information they had to recreate that information for that form.
  2. With 250 employees, 22 departments, and many forms this was not only redundant work it was taking their staff large amounts of time to keep updated as employee and departmental information changed.
  3. Accessing employee, departmental, and form data for reporting and automation purposes was not easy.


To solve these problems for Alvord-Taylor we consolidated all the required functionality. Alvord-Taylor was already using WordPress to run their website so this was the logical choice for the consolidation of their information management needs.

To replace their existing forms and provide more advanced capabilities we used Gravity Forms. To facilitate the sharing of employee and departmental information across these forms we created Alvord-Taylor a custom WordPress plugin.

Alvord Taylor Dashboard
Alvord Taylor New Department

Using this custom WordPress plugin we created for Alvord-Taylor staff are now able to administer all employee and departmental information from one central location that can be shared with any other applications, including Gravity Forms, as needed. The Alvord-Taylor custom WordPress plugin also provides advanced content views such as employee departments and department employees. This helps the Alvord-Taylor staff get to the information they need quickly so they can provide the best care possible.

Alvord Taylor New Employee
Alvord Taylor Employee
Alvord Taylor Employee Departments
Alvord Taylor Department Employees